Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ravenbit Physical Bitcoin Review

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Solarcoin Giveaway

     As you guys can tell I am a big fan of Solarcoin. If you guys want to get involved just post your Solarcoin wallet address under the comments section of this post and also follow my blog and I will send you one free Solarcoin to get you started. Offer expires 10-27-2017

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

CDARS – The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service.


  So you are lucky enough to accumulate a large sum of money way higher then the FDIC insured limits. I have no doubt you worked hard for this money and would be devastated if a failed bank wiped out your deposit. A golden parachute CEO over leveraged the bank and you are stuck with the bill the innocent depositor. It works like this when the FDIC takes your failing bank if they do not have enough to pay off the depositors your money is gone.
     Let's say you had $1,0000.00 in the Banks savings account you would only be able to recoup $250,000 of that money. Most times the failing bank will be bought out by another larger bank and they assume all deposits but if there is no interested Bank the FDIC takes over and tries to get everyone there money back TRIES is the main word in this sentence. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to spread your money out over multiple Banks not associated with each other. 

     A little known tactic savvy people do is invest the whole Million or whatever amount it is into one bank that handles CDARS they in turn spread your money at over tons of Banks and you receive one statement in the mail from all the banks on your money. The rates are not as attractive if you shop for your CDs yourself but this is a fair tradeoff for ease of use and security. For the lazy at heart CDARS can't be beaten. This is how the rich insure massive amounts of money with no risk at all unless the dollar itself fails in this case all bets would be off anyway.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

SolarCoin - The Bitcoin of Solar

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China Bans Bitcoin.

     So the big news lately is that china is banning Bitcoins in China. So far it is to early to tell the lengths that China will go to get there point across. I am just wondering is China's Government secretly buying up Bitcoin as the price crashes like they did the last few times they soured the market. I would not be surprised if China sold all its Bitcoin around the market high of $5000 (Yes it really hit that much.) And is now trying to buy back its stash. This is all speculation of course but i would not put anything past the Chinese government.