Monday, October 10, 2016

Canceled Verizon Switched To Walmart Family Mobile

So i switched my phone provider a few months back and i have been saving over $50 a month.

This plan has 3 phones unlimited everything. Yes i do have 1GB of 4G data per phone but after the data is used up i have unlimited 2G. But even with my old carrier i never have gone over 1GB of data a month especially since most of the time i am on WiFi.

The total bill after all taxes and fees is $92.50 a month for 3 cell phones. Try to beat that even with 2 cells phones on another carrier and you will have trouble. Best part is there is no contracts but you do have to buy or bring your own phone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Core i purchased for under $100

Keep in mind the network you will be on is T-mobile but just at a higher discount in price then if you bought your plan at the T-Mobile store instead of Walmart.

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